How to Keep Cat Litter From Tracking

For any cat owner, litter tracking is one of the biggest problems and concerns. When it comes to fighting litter tracking, there are a number of options for your, including trying a new litter, a new litter box configuration, or a mat or carpet.

Keep Your House Clean by Trapping Litter Where it Belongs

Let’s look at some other ways of reducing tracking as well! The following tips should help you keep the rooms in your house free from litter:

Try a Different Litter

One thing you can consider doing is getting a new litter altogether. Depending on the type of cat you have, you’ll want a heavier or lighter litter to reduce the likelihood of tracking throughout the house.

In general, it is best to use a heavier litter when trying to reduce tracking, so that it stays in the litter box and falls off fur quickly.different cat litterThis way it doesn’t get stuck or cling to fur, just to be carried throughout the house. Therefore, try getting a heavier litter with more clumping power to ensure it doesn’t get tracked in the first place.

If your cat doesn’t like the new litter, then you may have to try a different alternative.

Try a Different Litter Box

Getting a new litter box can also solve your problem. Consider trying one with a high-side or top entry, potentially minimizing the amount of litter tracked outside the box as the cat leaves it.

In theory, your cat will track less when getting out of the litter box, which will reduce tracking throughout your house.

You can also try putting your litter box inside of something else (even just a regular cardboard box) so that less is tracked out of the litter box.

covered litter box

This works very similarly to a mat, but we suggest using a mat or carpet because the material is more likely to grab litter as your cat leaves the litter box.

Some litter boxes can be used with built-in trackpads that help absorb litter and prevent tracking.

These can be very effective whether they come with the box or if they are an addition. You will just need to make sure you clean the trackpad and replace it if necessary.

Use a Mat or Carpet Outside the Litter Box

Keep cat litter from tracking by putting a mat or carpet down in front of or around the litter box. This will help catch most of what’s on your cat’s feet and anything that falls, reducing the amount of litter that gets tracked through your house by your cat.

stop litter from spreading

Consider using a mat or carpet that goes completely around the litter box so that no matter how your cat exits it, the litter will get caught up.

Stopping Litter Tracking in its Tracks

There are multiple ways to keep your cat’s litter from tracking, each suitable for different types of owners, cats, or homes. Reducing cat litter effectively really depends on what you need and how your cat behaves, so you will need to use some trial and error.

Using a mat is a method that works for any cat, home, or owner, and will help reduce tracking for any situation.

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