How Deep Should Cat Litter Be?

As a general rule of thumb, the best depth for your litter is anywhere from 3 to 4 inches. It will vary slightly depending on your cat and it’s lifestyle, so you will need to see what works for you. For most cats, 3 to 4 inches will be a good depth without giving them too much litter.

What is Over-Littering?

Some cat owners think that the more litter you put in the box, the less you’ll have to clean and the easier it will be to manage. Yet, it does not make it more efficient or fast to clean litter, and it does not prolong the amount of time before you need to clean the litter box.

Cat Litter

It actually has adverse effects. It makes it more likely for your cat to track litter out of the box. More than that, it is likely that litter will get kicked out around the box more than usual as well. This is also extremely wasteful and will end up costing you more in litter with no actual benefits.

Are You Under-Littering?

Although over-littering is ineffective and wasteful, under-littering has more of an impact on both your household and your cat’s health and lifestyle. Since the hygiene of the litter box is important to them using it, under-littering is a big thing to avoid.

how much litter to use

Not using enough litter in the box can potentially lead to your cat avoiding the litter box, which is very bad for your cat’s health. Cat’s avoid dirty places, and will not want to go if it is not kept in decent condition.

Under-littering can also have poor effects on your household. Since cat litter absorbs the smells and odors that come with urine and feces in litter boxes, under-littering will potentially mean that you are not absorbing enough of the waste. This will leave a poor smell and will mean that it spreads throughout your home.

How Much Litter Do You Use?

How much litter is best will differ depending on your cat and household. We suggest a depth of about four inches to maintain a healthy balance for your cat. This should provide enough depth for your cat to dig and cover, and enough power to absorb what your cat dishes out.

Using just enough litter

Depending on your cat and its lifestyle, you may want to consider adjusting it to suit their preferences. Long hair cats may do better in a more shallow litter, as less will potentially cling to their fur and get tracked throughout the house. Ensuring that you suit the depth of litter to the needs and physique of your cat will help ensure that it works for your cat and home.

Why Litter Depth is Important

Ultimately, ensuring you use enough litter keeps both your home and your cat stay healthy. This will reduce odors and keep your cat’s litter box clean enough to maintain proper hygiene and health.

It will limit the amount of litter that gets tracked throughout the house, and will therefore, leave your house cleaner as well. This is great for not only your cat’s health and hygiene, but yours and your family’s as well.

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