The Best Cat Litter Alternatives

Did you know that the litter in your cat’s box is killing the environment? The carbon footprint of a normal cat litter box is huge. Clay cat litter is the single most commonly used type of kitty litter in the world today. You might have been using a branded version of this for years now. Well, it could be killing the natural world. In fact, it could even be affecting the health of you and your family. Airborne toxins, tracking, chemical ingredients, and other constituents can contribute to a variety of diseases and side effects over time. Thankfully, there are many cat litter alternatives you can consider today!

Tell Your Cat to Take it Outside

This depends on the type of cat you own, too. There are some cats bred to stay indoors at all times. These felines will not step out of the house to do their business. However, other breeds of cat still have their wild side. It can save you a lot of money, and save the environment from a lot of harm, if your cat can go outside to relieve themselves. This is one of the best alternatives to a litter box.

Before cat litter was invented, cats would go outside to do their business. First tamed as farm animals, it was common for cats to be sent to the barns to catch rats. Of course, clay based litter is common today and it might seem unthinkable that once upon a time, all cats would defecate outdoors.

cat outside

Of course, you cat might be too delicate to go outside and do their business. The world outside can be very scary, especially for a smaller breed of cat. There are DIY enclosures you can build right next to your house or under your patio. Find a place with some soft soil and then run some wire around the area to make a fence of sorts. Run a mesh over the top to keep your cat safe from prowling birds of prey.

After your cat gets used to this new litter box, you will enjoy the benefits of not having it go indoors. These perks include not having to clean out and replace the litter on a regular basis and cutting costs of maintaining a clean and healthy litter.

Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet

Yes, cats can actually use the bathroom when they want to go potty. You might think that this is a silly idea. Try searching for it on Google right now. Your mind will change in a snap. Many people all over the world have trained their cats to use the bathroom like a human. However, this method relies on training your cat from a young age. If you don’t, your older feline will simply not take to it easily. You will find yourself fighting a pretty tough battle to get them to go in the bathroom.

cat toilet

You can start off by taking your litter box and placing it next to a toilet bowl. Let your cat get used to going in this box. Gradually start raising the level of the box. Over time, you cat will get used to taking their business higher up. After some time, they will be completely fine with sitting on the toilet to do what they have to. If you search for, and watch, the videos of cats doing exactly this, you might find it funny. The truth is, this is a genius idea for getting the litterbox out of your house.

You do have to understand that cats aren’t human. They aren’t going to be perfect every time they go to the bathroom. It might be a good idea to invest in disinfectant and wipes so that every time an accident happens, you can wipe up the evidence before it starts stinking up the place.

You Don’t Need Litter in the Litter Box

This might seem like a rather dumb idea. However, you should take a look at your cat the next time they take their business outside. They seem to be content by just pawing up sand to cover up their crime. Now, you can’t use sand in the house because it is going to track all over the place.

Since real dirt and clay are out of the question, you should think about other alternatives to normal kitty litter. While sand is worth a shot, shredded up newspapers, the chicken scratch used in coops, wood fibers used to bed horses (like sawdust), and many other alternatives might serve your purpose better. Most of these are available at normal home improvement stores and hardware supply stores. They also happen to be super cheap. There are also options like using baking soda in your recycled litter to get rid of odors before they even make themselves known.

Use Eco Friendly Litter Boxes

While you might be used to using clay cat litter in your boxes, you should know that it isn’t the only type of litter available on the market right now. It is also not the greenest type. There are cat litter products out there like dried corn, wheat hulls, sawdust and sand that serve as far greener types of cat litter. These are becoming more readily available at pet supply stores and markets around the world today.

There are problems with this type of litter, though. It isn’t nearly as effective as the synthetic kind, simply because it is made out of natural products that are organic. This means that your cat might actually start snacking on the litter in the box because it tastes so sweet and real. However, these are sacrifices you must be willing to make for the sake of the environment.

The real benefits of alternative forms of cat litter are in the form of perks for your health. You will no longer have to worry about adverse effects like asthma stemming from the dust and chemicals in the air due to your synthetic cat litter. Switch to an alternative today and witness the difference for yourself.

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