Garfield Clumping Cat Litter

For cat owners, cleaning a litter box is a part of daily routine. With smells and odors that can be offensive and overwhelming, typical litter doesn't do an adequate job of odor elimination. The Garfield Clumping Cat Litter, however, offers optimal odor elimination and easy clean up as well.

About the Product

  • Clumping Litter
  • Urine odor elimination
  • Flushable Litter
  • Small grains
  • Natural ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals or fragrances
  • Dust free composition
  • White coloration for multiple benefits


One of the most outstanding features of this litter is it's ability to be flushed down the toilet. This makes cleanup easier as it can be scooped and thrown into the toilet rather than a trash bag. Plus, it provides an environmentally-friendly option for litter cleanup with its biodegradable properties.


Many litters are dusty and put chemicals into the air, making cats and people apt to inhaling the air pollutants. Little by little that can cause health problems, especially for felines who are constantly using the litter box. With the Garfield litter, there are no harsh chemicals, and there is no dust when the litter is poured or kicked by the the cat.


Many cat owners know that cat urine is extremely smelly and that cats dislike dirty litter boxes. The two go hand in hand, as it is necessary and beneficial to remove the urine as frequently as possible from the litter box for both cat and owner. Fortunately, this Garfield litter is a fast clumping formula. This makes cleaning  and removing that cat urine is easy and quick.

Easy Scooping

Additionally, this litter clumps extremely fast in comparison to typical litters. As cats enjoy cleanliness and a dry box, this is ideal as it prevents dampness and excess urine puddling up.

White Coloration

Because this litter colored white, it allows easier visibility when scooping clumps. As urine tints the white grains, there is no need to sift through mounds of litter to find clumps to scoop. Instead, the clumps are very visible, making the task quicker and easier.

Also, the light white color allows owners to monitor the color of their cat's urine. When bladder issues occur, this litter makes it easier to catch the problem early on and get the cat healthy again.

Natural Ingredients

Made of natural and plant based ingredients, the Garfield Litter is biodegradable and easy on the environment. This allows litter disposal to be both easy and harmless when it is thrown out.

Odor Elimination

With the natural composition of this litter, the strong odors that accompany cat urine are immediately eliminated. Without the use of chemicals to stop the smell of urine, the Garfield litter does better than typical litters in odor reduction.

Small Grains

This litter has very fine, little grains, making it a more comfortable texture and surface for the cat to step on. Plus, this prevents tracking and further mess outside of the litter box.

The Verdict

The Garfield Cat litter is absolutely ideal for any cat owner. Since it promotes a clean, healthy, and odorless environment for cats and owners, it is a great product that stands out from the rest.

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