Smiling Paws BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat – Extra Large

Does your cat kick waste and litter out of the box? Do you want to keep a clean area for your cat and it’s litter box? It’s easier than you think to cut down on tracking throughout the house and manage the mess around your litter box. A litter mat is a great way to do this and this soft mat is sure to be loved by not only owners, but cats too!


This extra large mat is sized at 35 by 23.5 inches to make sure it is large enough for almost any sized litter box. It has a non-slip bottom to make sure that it stays in place, even when your cat plays on it and runs into it. It is a thick, heavy-duty mat that will collect lots of waste and litter as well as stand up to wear and tear of the cat’s life. It also comes with 100% lifetime warranty to guarantee the product and it’s quality.

Who It’s For

This jumbo cat litter mat is for any cat owner, but is especially great for those that have large cats or multiple cats living in their home. Anyone trying to cut down on cat clutter and make sure that their litter area is kept clean will benefit from one of these litter mats. It makes cleaning up the litter box area much easier, as you can quickly brush off the mat and get rid of its contents.


The non-slip grip ensures that it stays in place when your cat is getting in and out of the litter box. It’s large size makes it ideal for large areas and allows you to create an area for your large litter box to sit so that no messes will happen. It’s heavy and thick so it will last long. Its plastic material and urine-resistant design will make cleaning extremely easy as well.

If you don’t like it, you can get your money back with the lifetime warranty guaranteeing quality.


If your cat spills waste - specifically urine - outside of the litter box during use, you may have problems cleaning. Since it is not suited to absorb urine well, this can cause odor issues over time if you do not address the issue. Even still, it will potentially create a cleaning problem that will lead to extra work for you.


If you have a cat that kicks contents out of the box or tracks a lot, a litter box mat will most likely solve your problems. This large sized mat is perfect for homes with big or multiple cats and will be sure to cover your entire litter box. It’s great for catching waste that falls out of the box and that could get tracked throughout your home when the cat leaves the litter box.

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