Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

What makes a good cat litter?

Cat litters need to satisfy both the needs of the cat and the needs of their owners. A good cat litter will not only be safe and attractive for your furry feline but also mess and odor free for you. There are some other factors to think about as well. You might also consider if the litter is environmentally friendly, flushable, or has any other extra features to give it an edge over the competition.

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter includes a natural tree resin that makes it attractive to your cat. It’s made with 100% natural products and promises strong odor control and superior clumping. The biggest advantage to this product is the fact that it is flushable! No more messing with carrying bags from the little box to the trash, you can simply scoop and flush. A 12 lb bag costs around $18.

Pros and Cons

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter gets consistently high reviews across the board. In fact, the biggest complaint is that it sells out too quickly. A lot of users say it’s the best kitty litter they’ve ever used. Clumping is good, and it effectively eliminates odors. The packaging was recently changed from a resealable plastic jug to a bag. While the bag is more environmentally friendly, it’s also a little messier to pour and more difficult to store. The quality of the new bag seems to be a concern - it is not resealable and tends to tear in shipping. Users suggest ordering Betterway Flushable Cat Litter individually as when it arrives packaged with other items; everything arrives covered in kitty litter. Since it’s made with 100% natural materials and uses tree resin to attract cats, it’s relatively good for the environment. The fact that it’s flushable is a huge plus, and users say that there are no issues with clogs even after long term use. Some states do have laws about not flushing kitty litter, so check into what the policy is where you live. There have been some complaints about inconsistency in the product - not about its effectiveness, but about variations in size of the granules. There are reports that orders for multiple bags are even showing variations - one bag will have large granules, and the other will be sawdust like. This isn’t a huge problem as the litter still works effectively either way, but cats will have the tendency to track the finer, dustier version around the house. Cost wise, it’s a little pricey, but die-hard fans say that it works so well, the price in inconsequential.

This product is consistently given exceptional ratings and the fact that it’s flushable puts it over the top. It certainly meets all the standards of a quality kitty litter and, despite some inconsistencies and inferior packaging, it absorbs and controls odor really well. Betterway Flushable Cat Litter is highly recommended.

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