Top Guide To The Best Cat Litter Mats 2017

Tired of your cat dragging litter all around your house? If so, now’s the time make one of the best purchases for you and your cat! The best cat litter mat is hard to find, which is why we outlined what to look for when you are in the market for a mat for your pet.  A cat litter mat is the perfect way to keep your precious kitty from making a mess of your hardwood floors. Purchasing a cat litter box mat will keep your home clean, fresh and track free! Cat litter mats are easy to use, affordable and, most of all, cost effective.

With different shapes and sizes to match even the most high end of decor, cat litter mats are essential. The top cat litter mats come in fun shapes, including paw prints and hearts, to brighten up any space! If you have a particularly messy cat, a fun litter box mat will attract litter off of their toes like a magnet, as soon as they leave the litter box!

Purchase A Layered Mat For Extra Strength Protection

Multilayered mats are ideal for messy cats, as they prevent any possible leaks. Nobody wants to deal with urine stains on their carpet, so putting down a double, or triple, layered mat will block any liquid from damaging your floor. Multilayered cat litter mats are the only product patented to block liquid, while trapping kitty litter.  The Cat Litter Trapper features an innovative EZ Open Edge, which allows for easy cleaning with water.

Some cat litter mats have small bumps on the surface, which can irritate your kitty’s sensitive paws. The Top cat litter mats have a smooth surface with minimal texture, and do not rub against your cat's toes. Tiny perforations will make the mat more effective, so finding one that is soft and gentle for your pet is beneficial. If you have a particularly sensitive cat, a completely smooth mat will be the best option, to ensure your kitty’s comfort.

Rubber kitty litter mats are very convenient to both use and clean. They have a smooth texture and are able to trap all litter effectively. However, some may find that the litter slides off of a rubber mat too easily, and may not always catch litter from your cat's paws. Smooth mats are the best for very finicky kitty’s who have troubles with raised mats. One of the best grooved litter mats is the PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. The soft material will be gentle on your cat’s sensitive paws, while the outer channels of the mat will catch any stray litter.

A1kvGDrHFgL._SL1500_If you live in a multi-cat environment and use multiple litter boxes, purchasing a jumbo sized litter box mat will keep your home mess free. A jumbo sized litter mat can fit underneath two litter boxes. Bigger mats will take up larger surface area, keeping more of your home filth free. In a multi-cat home, you have to be vigilant about the mess your cats are creating. The added mess from two or more cats can be overwhelming, purchasing a litter mat will help cut down on the stress this extra cleaning causes.

Buying the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat takes away the added work of multiple litters. The soft EVA material is non-toxic, gentle on your cat’s paws, and durable enough to capture litter. This mat’s dual structure will prevent your kitty litter from being tracked around your home, so you don’t need to worry about an excess of litter.

Step Your Way To The Best!

Cat litter mats are easy to clean, and require almost no maintenance. You can buy cat litter mats anywhere pet products are sold. If you find that your mat is no longer working as well as it once did, or too much litter is trapped inside, you should replace the mat. Your kitty may find it painful to step on a granule of litter lodged in the mat, which is why you must clean it regularly. These sensitivities can also be a result of the litter you are using. Click here to know which litters we recommend for your kitty. While even the best cat litter mat will not trap all renegade litter, it will help with emptying the box each day. When looking at cat litter box mats, the best ones will save you time, and make it easier to maintain your cat’s waste container!


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