Best Cat Litter Box Furniture Of 2017

Cats are our adorable, independent, furry friends, and it’s great to have them in our homes. However, pet care, and indoor cat care in particular can be a bit unpleasant. Cat owners, you know what I’m talking about: the litter box. Cat litter, its purpose, and litter boxes, in general, are the least glamorous aspects of cat ownership and care.

Litter boxes can be unsightly, and many owners struggle with odor, cats tracking litter, and overall aesthetics. If you live in a small apartment or house, you may not have the luxury of tucking a litter box away in a rarely used space. In short, it can be kind of ugly and gross. So what’s a cat owner to do? Those with a lot of space can often put the litter box in a space farther away from common areas. Some people opt for litter boxes with lids, but neither of these options solves the problem of having it out of sight. The best solution is cat litter box furniture. Cat litter box furniture is meant to both blend into your home while hiding the litter box, and also provide your cat a little privacy while she’s doing her thing. If you have dogs with a penchant for finding and eating disgusting treasures, consider it an added bonus.

Top Cat Litter Box Furniture Comparison Table 2017

Cat Litter BoxFeaturesDimensionOur RatingPrice
Good Pet Stuff Company
Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Box
● Box looks like a real clay pot
● Made of durable polypropylene
● Controls dust and odor
19 x 19 x 14 inches4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)$$
The kitty Pass Interior Door Hidden Litter Box
● Easily fits all standard interior doors
● Directions and template included
● Smooth, wide opening allows
11.5 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)$$

Merry products Cat Wahroom Bench
● Designed to fit any size litter box
● Extra-large automatic boxes
● Quick and easy assembly
● Great in any room of the house
21.2 x 37.5 x 22.5 inches4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)$$$

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider
● Quick assembly
● Scoop hook
● Low Maintenance, high pressure laminate
● Dog-proof
21.5 x 18.5 x 20.8 inches4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)$$$

Ecoflex litter Loo end Table
● For pets up to 25 lbs
● Flip down front for easy access
● Available in Espresso and Russet
●Easy Kitty access
21.5 x 18.5 x 20.8 inches4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)$$$

Types of Furniture

Cat litter box furniture comes in as many shapes and forms as there is regular furniture. Having cat specific furniture can aid in keeping your feline friends from spending too much time working their claws on your personal furniture. If you’re looking to purchase a piece of cat furniture, you’ll have three basic style options: cabinets, plant containers, cat-scratch friendly, and benches.


This is probably the largest category of litter box furniture, and it makes sense. The cabinet style has a door on the side for kitty to enter and exit. For humans, the cabinet doors facing the front open, providing easy access for cleaning. Cabinets come in quite a range of styles and colors, and serve dual functions in many rooms. Some cabinets are well suited to bathrooms, while others fit in well as hallway tables; there are even some that are large enough to double as a television stand. Cabinets often include a ventilation space to avoid odor buildup. One additional feature of the cabinet style is the extra long space; the extra space leaves loom for a litter mat to minimize the spread of litter outside of the box.

Plant Containers

There are some litter boxes designed to look like plant containers. The litter box is located inside a hollow pot, and you get an artificial plant on top. Most plant containers open by removing the top, similar than a traditional litter box with a lid. Unfortunately, some kitties really like playing with plants artificial or not, so this might not be the most practical option for the adventurous cat.

Scratching Surfaces

You’ll see a few products on the market that look similar to the cat condo structures that double as a sleeping nook/scratching surface. These hidden litter box structures are covered with cat-friendly carpeting on the outsides and waterproof lining on the inside. Lids remove from the top, but these structures often don’t have an odor filter. Bonus: this style serves multiple purposes for your cat!


Benches are often wider, and are designed to serve dual purpose as a place to hide a litter box and a place for humans and cats to sit. Often these open from the top, and some designs have two chambers. This a great design, but if your cat likes a little more privacy away from humans, you may want to consider a different style.

Other styles

There are a few styles out there that are a little more quirky, interesting, modern, or confusing, depending on your personal tastes. There are retail options designed to fit most home’s aesthetics, from traditional to modern. One of my personal favorites could quickly become a conversation piece.

The Mox Litter Tower seriously looks like a litter box at home on the Starship Enterprise. Its circular design has a top entry and a radial grate, resembling a modern sculpture. Regardless of your home style and personal style, you’ll find a piece of furniture to fit yours and your cat’s needs.

Top Cat Litter Furniture Sellers

When you start shopping, you’ll find what feels like an infinite number of possibilities. It can be tough to know exactly what you should be looking for. Along with our reviews, you can rely on the reviews from the product users themselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the following is a list of some of the top sellers based on customer ratings.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box
List Price: $99.99
Price: $59.99
You Save: $40.00
Price Disclaimer

Good Pet Stuff has one of the best-selling hidden litter box enclosures, which is a polypropylene shell designed to look like a clay pot. You’ll get a charming artificial plant, which may brighten your space, but may provide an additional toy for your mischievous cat. With a height and diameter of 19” each, this is one of the larger options on the market. The potted plant lookalike has a filter system to minimize dust and odor and is one of the more affordable options. You will need to invest in a round litter tray to fit inside, but the design is great for larger cats while saving you floor space.

The Kitty Pass Interior Door Hidden Litter Box

The Kitty Pass does not fit the traditional styles of hidden litter box furniture, but it can be an inexpensive solution for homeowners. The Kitty Pass is a cat-shaped liner to put on the edge of a door cutout (template provided). This creates a cute entryway for your cat, and can turn a closet or other unused space into a hidden space for the litter box. The Kitty Pass is designed to fit standard doors, so check the width of the intended door before purchasing; apartment-dwellers are going to have to find another option.

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench, White
List Price: $130.35
Price: $126.99
You Save: $3.36
Price Disclaimer

The Cat Washroom Bench is an attractive option designed to fit even the larger automatic litter boxes. This model offers some flexibility, with the option to place the door opening on either side of the unit to suit your layout; cabinet doors open from the side for easy access. The unit also includes an optional partition wall, which can create a divided space to hold litter, scoop, liners, or whatever else you might need. If you do have an automated, self-cleaning litter box, the back panel includes a pre-cut hole for easy access to outlets.

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider

Modern Cat Designs’ litter box hider is a fashionable, but somewhat pricey option. The walls are easy-to-clean high-pressure laminate with chrome accents, allowing you to hide your litter box in style. This model is a little small compared to some other models, so it may not be the best option for larger kitties. The lid removes from the top, and you’ll see two interior hooks for waste bags and scoop along with ventilation along the back panel.

PetsFit Double Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure

PetsFit’s double-decker furniture can serve multiple purposes. The unit has two levels with the “door” on the top level. The bottom can be used to hold the litter box, while the top can hold food, a litter mat, or simply act as another play space for your cat. The unit features cute ventilation holes in the shape of paw prints, and there is one cabinet door with a magnet closure. Tenacious cats may be inclined to push the door open, but overall this is an attractive multi-purpose design.

Corner End Table Cat Litter Cabinet with Concealed Drawer

This model doubles at an attractive end table, and pricewise falls somewhere in the middle-range for this type of furniture. The unit opens from the front, exposing a hidden drawer, perfect for accessories like bags, scoop, and filters; the cat’s door also faces the front. The unit isn’t as large as others, and may not be tall enough to fit some covered litter boxes. Overall, this piece can blend in well in many home aesthetics.

ecoFlex Litter Loo End Table

The ecoFlex Litter Loo by New Age Pets is made of an eco-friendly, non-absorbent composite material that is easy to clean and hides scratches. The smaller interior will not fit some automated boxes, but the front door flips down, allowing for easy access for cleaning. This model is easy to assemble, and provides an attractive end table option for your home.

Enclosure Cat Litter Box Holder

Enclosure Cat Litter Box Color: Gray
List Price: $152.48
Price: $152.48
Price Disclaimer

The Enclosure litter box holder is covered with carpeting on the outside, which doubles as a scratching surface for your kitty. If you have a “cat condo,” this style of hidden litter box will blend in well. The inside is lined with laminate for easy cleaning and is stain-resistant.  The lid removes from the top for access to the interior, and the unit can be positioned for front or side access by your cat. This unit is somewhat heavy, which may be difficult to manage for some owners.

Meow Town Concord Litter Box Cabinet Furniture

This cabinet-style piece features a side entry for your cat, and front-opening cabinet doors for human access. This stylish litter box concealer has brass knobs and a hidden drawer for storage. It is on the pricier end of things, and is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This cabinet fits most standard-sized litter boxes. This can become a beautiful addition to your home, but note that it does not offer flexibility on which side you place the cat’s doorway.

Odor Free Cat Litter Box Cover Cabinet

Furever Pet Furniture produces high-end (and high-priced), quality wooden furniture, and comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Furever has units with cabinet-style side openings, as well as units with hinged lids for access from the top. Furever Pet Furniture uses a proprietary coating designed to eliminate odors.  Cabinets are handmade with wood, and some units are large enough to house two boxes with two separate entrances.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Litter Box Furniture

Now that you’ve realized the great benefits to having litter box furniture in your home, it’s important to consider some other factors. Before you go out and buy a piece of furniture you’ll want to plan where you want to place it in your home and consider the specific need for your cat. Is your cat big and tall? Small and dainty? Agile or fragile?

Size, Depth, and Height

Depending on the size and agility of your cat, you’ll want to examine your options carefully. Not all litter box furniture is created equal, and neither are all cats, so it’s important to find the right size and shape for your cat.

Some furniture styles feature a top entry, requiring your cat to jump up before entering. This can be particularly useful against the curious dog, but might not be suitable for older cats or cats that simply aren’t “jumpers.” Other types of furniture have raised entryways on one side. For dog owners, some of your smaller dogs might be able to access the inside. Again, older or smaller cats may struggle with higher entryways, so check the specific dimensions before making a purchase. Some of us have particularly small animal companions, while others have particularly “healthy” or big-boned friends, so the internal dimensions and overall size might be a deciding factor. Furniture can vary greatly in size and weight, so make sure you measure your space, and think about ease of moving your furniture.

Litter Box Size

Check the interior dimensions of furniture before you buy something. There are litter boxes of all sizes, and you may not necessarily want to invest in both new furniture and a new box, especially if you have an automated or self-cleaning litter box. Not all furniture will fit boxes with lids or automated systems. Some owners have had positive results with high-sided boxes, but either way, measure what you currently own and decide what will best suit your home and needs.


Cat furniture, while a great idea, can become very expensive, especially if you have a picky cat.  Some furniture solutions cost as little as $40-50, but some furniture can set you back $200 or more. On a smaller scale, I have gotten scratching posts and other accouterments for my cat only to be met with disdainful stares and a silent demand for face scratches. Check the return policies on furniture in case you’re worried your cat won’t accept a new litter box scenario.


Part of our concerns about the litter box includes odor control. Nobody wants to experience the gentle waft of our cat’s business inside our home, so it’s important to look at ventilation designs and other methods to control odor. Some litter boxes have built-in compartments for filters, but you may be able to install or place a filter somewhere inside your furniture if you want extra assurance. Check the internal dimensions to see if the unit will fit a lidded box. Some units are made of materials claiming to aid in odor control, but check consumer reviews and do your research.

Ease of Access

Consider your home layout and future litter box furniture space. On which side should the opening be? Do you need additional storage? What’s easier for you to access – an open lid or a side cabinet? You’re the one who’s going to be cleaning up after your furry friend, so it’s important to consider what’s going to be comfortable for you and your mobility.

Cat Litter Furniture DIY Ideas

If you’re crafty, or not inclined to drop a lot of cash on a new piece of furniture, you may want to consider finding your own solution to hiding a litter box. The do-it-yourself option allows you to stretch your creative muscles and find a custom solution for your home. DIY options are all around you; simply examine your existing furniture or check out your local thrift or charity shop. The DIY option gives you the eco-satisfaction of upcycling materials and can save you a lot of money. If it’s hollow, it has the potential to become the new home for your litter box. Decide on a location for your furniture, identify your internal space requirements, and find that friend of yours that has all of the tools!

Repurposed Furniture

Repurposing furniture is how you can recreate more traditional retail designs while customizing your home space. If you already have a piece of furniture that you love, think about where and how you want your cat to enter, and make a template large enough to allow your cat to fit. Depending on the type of furniture you use, you may want to seal the inside or cover the inside with a waterproof lining for easy cleaning. Save yourself some time and effort and look for furniture that already has doors or lids. Look for furniture like cabinets, benches, and chests, and find one that suits your home style – don’t forget you can always repaint!

Cat Door

If you have a closet or small room you’d like to repurpose, as opposed to converting furniture, you may want to consider cutting a cat door out of a regular door. Obviously, if you rent this will not be an appropriate solution, but this can be a low-impact, low-cost solution to hiding a litter box, and it’s pretty difficult for dogs to access. Not recommended if you’re not handy with a saw.


A clever low-cost solution to hiding litter boxes is to make curtains! You can choose colors and patterns suited to your home, and suddenly an end table has been converted to an attractive hidden space for your cat to do his business.

Room Dividers

Room dividers can be a simple solution for small spaces. The room divider simply acts as a shield, and you can paint, cover, or move your room divider wherever makes sense.  This isn’t a great solution if your goal is to protect your cat’s space from dogs; you may want to consider a furniture piece that can be closed off.

Creative Solutions

Consider non-traditional solutions. Creative owners have turned wine boxes, filing cabinets, wicker chests, plastic storage bins, and trunks into hidden litter box furniture. Most hollow objects can be converted for litter box purposes; you’re only limited by your creativity.

The Verdict

The Best Cat litter box furniture is an attractive solution to an unsightly problem. There are style options to fit the aesthetic needs for your home at a variety of price points. Those inclined to do it themselves have even more options to create a custom litter box solution. Consider price, size, style, space, and the specific needs of you and your cat.

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