Pureness Large Drawstring Valu-Pak Cat Pan Liners, 20 Count

Are you having trouble with your cat litter box being clean? Is there urine piling at the bottom of the litter box? If this is causing you problems and you want to better control your cat’s waste, especially urine, these Pureness litter box liners might be for you!


These Pureness cat liners are large in size so that they can fit large litter boxes. The size allows them to fit in litter boxes that are 19 by 15 inches. They are made from recycled plastics so they are good for the environment, helping to reduce the negative impact. Still, they are made of 3-ply technology that is built to resist tearing. It comes in a valu-pak, offering great value for what you are paying. This ensures that you get a large quantity at a good price and will help save you from having to order regularly.

Who It’s For

These large cat pan litter liners are designed for people with larger litter boxes and households with large or multiple cats. These are for owners that want to make cleaning up after their cat extremely convenient and easy to do, as you just need to wrap, tie, and seal the litter in the litter liners. This also means you have to clean your litter box less frequently and should have to scrub them much less frequently.


These Pureness litter liners are designed for large litter boxes and have strong soaking power to make sure they absorb waste and control odors. They are made from recycled materials to make sure they are more environmentally friendly. They come in a valu-pak which offers great economical value. This is also more convenient since you will not have to order as frequently; this way you’ll always have liners when you need them!


Although these are sold as large liners for large litter cat pans, some customers have pointed out that they are not as large as some litter boxes. This means they may not perfectly fit your really large litter boxes. Cats that like to shred the litter box may not be ideally suited for cat litter liners like these, as the cats will rip and tear them up.


These Pureness large drawstring cat liners that come in a valu-pak are efficient in terms of both cost and quality. The 20 count-package gives you convenience so that you do not need to order regularly, so you always have some when you need them. They are large in size so that can fit bigger litter boxes and they have convenient ties so you can conceal the waste easily and completely. They are made from recycled material so that they are environmentally conscious and safe.

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