PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. Large (35 x 24 inches)

If you’re looking for a stylishly designed cat litter mat that will both make your litter box area look - and feel - better, this PetFusion SmartGrip litter mat is a perfect product. A litter mat is a great way of stopping litter and waste tracking throughout the house and for keeping your litter box area tidy. This will encourage your cat to use it and will make sure it feels comfortable going to the litter box.


These PetFusion SmartGrip cat litter mats are made of soft material that offer good grip for your cat to help catch litter and waste on your cat’s paws. It’s large size makes it great for fitting around large litter boxes and gives your cat a good amount of space to wipe off on. The mat is 35 inches by 24 inches to fit large areas. It is made from PVC plastic that is free of phthalates and vinyl chloride so it is safe for your pet and will clean easily. You can clean it by brushing it clean or even washing it with water and a sponge to get rid of stains and odors that are sticking.

Who It’s For

This PetFusion SmartGrip cat litter mat is ideally suited for owners that are trying to keep their cat litter box area clean and to prevent tracking throughout the house. Given the size of the mat, it’s made for large litter boxes and homes that have large cats or multiple cats.


A mat that you can lay under or around your cat litter box will make sure that your cat’s litter and waste is wiped off onto the mat and doesn’t track throughout the home. It will also keep the litter box area extremely clean as well. The large size is also great because it allows you to keep a large area clean and can fit large litter boxes.


Although this is made of plastic that is designed to last, some cats can claw and rip the material. Depending on how much your cat likes to scratch and shred things, this mat may not be ideally suited for your home. It also doesn’t catch and have waste and litter stick to it well, so some waste still tracks throughout the home.


This PetFusion SmartGrip cat litter mat is a great large litter mat that will help protect tracking and mess throughout your home. It covers the area around your litter box to make sure that the whole area stays clean and that there is less mess trudged through the house. It will help stop tracking and spills of litter and keep your home clean.

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