How to Make Manual Easy with Omega Paw’s Roll’n Clean Litter Box

The Omega Paw’s Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is easy to use; simply roll it to the right and back again! Omega Paw’s patented grill separates litter from waste, while simultaneously controlling and containing odors. The waste collects in a pull-out tray for quick, easy removal. Since this self cleaning litter box is manually operated it takes no electricity, liners, or filters! Because of its larger size, it’s great for big cats, multiple cat households, or anyone looking to spoil their furbaby.

How to Get Your Paws on One

The Roll’n Clean is meant for big or multiple cat households, since it is large in size. This litter box is extremely easy and fast to use, making it a great product for a diligent owner who wants to ease their kitty waste chores! Because this is manually operated, it will require more work than an automated litter box, so for those who are all about automation, this might not be for you. Using the Roll’n Clean is still extremely fast and easy, while speeding up the process of any regular litter box!

This manual self cleaning litter box costs much less than automated ones, but is just as simple to use! Everything is reusable; there is no electricity needed, and you don’t have to worry about refilling disposable trays or filters. This item can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., and only to select countries outside of the country. Check Amazon to see if it is available in your area before deciding whether or not it’s the product for you.

Manual Magnificence

Omega Paw’s Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is big enough to handle the task of big and multiple cat households, compounding its convenience. The Roll’n Clean is priced extremely well for such a large, simple, self-cleaning unit, especially when compared to automated litter boxes. More importantly, it does not have long-term fees associated with it such as disposable trays or filters. Since it’s neither mechanical nor electric, it will never break down or stop functioning. Manual use ensures that you don’t run into many of the problems that the automated litter boxes cause such as scooping too early, getting coated in waste, and jamming. There also isn’t a loud noise that can frighten your kitten!

Since this unit is still self-cleaning and so simple to use, you aren’t actually sacrificing any of the convenience either! Most importantly, it’s extremely fast and easy to use. Just tip it to the right and set it in place again, then empty the scoop and you’re done. Because you are constantly rolling and moving the unit, you can stir up more dust than other units. This could potentially be a bother to both you and your cat. After constant use, the clasps do not hold together for long and are not built to last over time. However, this can be fixed relatively cheaply if you’re willing to invest a little more money, time, and elbow grease. There’s also a chance that the litter box can come apart as pieces are not always clasped together perfectly, causing some litter to spill when you roll it on its side. If you keep a mat under this shouldn’t be much of a problem, as it doesn’t spill a lot of litter.

Roll in Comfort

Omega Paw’s Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is extremely easy, convenient, and fast to use. It provides you with the self-cleaning qualities of automated units, while eliminating many of the drawbacks by making it manually operated; never worry about your rake being coated in waste or jamming again!

With minimal effort you get the benefits of a self-cleaning litter box and avoid all the hassle that comes with automated units. In order to ensure you clean up both urine and feces, make sure you have a good clumping litter. However, if the litter clumps too much it could be more difficult to use and overflow the scooping area. If you’re someone who wants to do a minimal amount of work for maximum results and then be able to relax with your cat, the Roll’n Clean is for you!

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