How to Make Complete Convenience with Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Kit

Looking for an all-in-one litter kit? This Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Kit comes as a complete set, including 1 litter box, 1 scoop, 1 bag of pellets, and 4 pads, giving you all of your litter box necessities. This system has made odor control simple by separating urine and containing and controlling its odor.

The Breeze Litter System is specifically designed to let urine pass through, where it is absorbed by a pad at the bottom of the litter box. This allows solid waste to remain at the top and be disposed quickly and easily, while urine is separated and controlled below. The lightweight pellets are 99.6% dust free and anti-tracking, keeping your home free of debris! With disposable pads, the system is easy and fast to use, making kitty cleanup a Breeze!

How to Feel the Breeze

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Kit is ideally suited for owners looking for ease of use and convenience to mesh with their busy lifestyle. This system saves you time on cleanup, and ensures your cat has a sanitary station for waste disposal.

This product ships from and is sold by Amazon in easy-to-open packaging; a gift-wrap option is also available. Since this system uses disposable pads, this is an added long-term cost associated with the product. However, in comparison to some other products, refills are reasonably priced both in stores and on Amazon.

Complete Kit & Complete Convenience

As an all-in-one system, Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Kit comes complete with everything you’ll need for litter box care! The pellet and pad system makes cleaning and maintenance easy for both feces and urine. This system ensures that urine remains separate, greatly reducing urine odors and the smell of the box in general. The easy pull-out tray makes changing these pads ultra smooth and easy, saving you time and making your experience convenient. Refilling your pads is extremely easy and cost effective, especially when using an Amazon subscription program.

This system is also more cost effective than some other products on the market. Since this product is fully manually operated, you are not dependent on batteries or electricity. The boxes high side guards prevent litter from spilling, reducing scattered and tracked litter throughout the home. Risk? What risk? With Tidy Cats money-back guarantee, you have nothing to worry about! The pellets require more changing and refills than traditional clumping litters, which could increase your long-term costs.

What To Consider Before Buying This Litter Box

Although this system works great at covering up odor from urine, the pellets are less effective at covering up odors from feces, since pellets are less absorbent than other alternatives like traditional clumping or natural clumping litter. If your cat has digestive issues or loose stools the pellets will not be as effective at absorbing this, since the system is meant to let liquids run to the bottom.

However, for regular use this is not an issue. If you have a regularly sick or old cat, you may want to avoid a system that uses these pellets for ease of use and odor control. The Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box is not overly large or accommodating in size, and is not intended for large cats or multi-cat households. The Breeze pellets are made with paper or alternative materials, and are therefore not as safe as a natural product. Consider using a natural product if ingestion is a concern for you as a cat owner.

Easy Breezy

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Kit gives you a complete litter care kit. The pellet and pad system makes cleaning and odor control efficient and easy. Refilling and changing the pads are extremely easy and convenient, reducing your litter woes! Given that the system allows liquid to pass through, cats with digestive problems may not be well suited to this litter box or system. However, in general, this system gives you everything you need to care for your kitty’s litter needs and provides you with a quality product, reducing odor, litter scatter, and tracking throughout the home!

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