Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box

Lately, I’ve been using disposable litter boxes because I’m constantly on-the-go. With work, the gym, and any semblance of a social life I can muster, it’s hard to make sure I always clean my cat’s litter box properly. These Kitty’s WonderBox disposable litter boxes have been working great for me, saving me time and effort when cleaning and making sure I can keep the odor and mess away without too much work!


These disposable litter boxes are designed so that they will not leak, tear, or shred from use. They have odor control capabilities and work much like a litter box liner in that they are disposable after use, eliminating waste and odor. They also require no cleaning, as these are easily disposable. They are made from recycled paper and are 100% biodegradable so you know you can dispose of them safely and that they are fine for the environment.

Who It’s For

These Kitty’s WonderBox litter liners are designed for regular homes, since they fit standard litter boxes. Their durability, convenience, and odor-control makes them great for any home, even those with multiple cats. These are for cat owners that want to have a simple and convenient owner experience, able to clean up after their cats quickly and without hassle.


It has good odor control and even fights ammonia smells. It is easy and convenient to dispose of so you have no hassle when getting rid of unwanted waste and odors. They are built of sturdy material that will not tear, shred, or leak, which is good for both use and disposal. Their material and design allows them to fight odor so you keep your home smelling and feeling clean. They are also biodegradable and safe for disposal.


Because it is made of recycled paper material, it will not be as powerful or durable as some other products made of plastics. This means that some cats can still tear and rip the litter box. These litter boxes have lower sides so cat’s may kick litter out of the box and even track more out of the box depending. In some cases, waste can stick to the bottom which will cause you to go through more of them than advertised. This can rack up more costs. In general, these disposable litter boxes will most likely cost you more in a year than a traditional plastic litter box.


Although these litter boxes may cost slightly more for the year, they are extremely convenient to use and make cleaning up after your cat a breeze. They will let you dispose of them quickly and easily so you can keep your house free of waste and odors. They will be great for any standard sized cat and should work for some multiple cat homes. These Kitty’s WonderBox litter boxes are biodegradable, so you can rest easy when you get rid of them. Overall, they make cleaning up after your cat much simpler at a low cost and help keep your home fresh.

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