Jonny Cat Cat Litter Box Liners 5 / Box (Pack of 6)

These jumbo Jonny Cat cat litter box liners are the same as the regular boxes of Jonny Cat cat litter box liners, but they come in a pack of six boxes. Buying them this way is more cost efficient and ensures you always have them and you never run out. They are tear resistant so your cat won’t rip them up. They are also jumbo-sized so they fit almost any cat litter box you may have. The drawstring is easy to use so that you can tie them up and seal them before you throw them out. This keeps the waste - and odor - sealed when you dispose of them. Clean-up has never been more simple!

Who It’s For

These cat litter liners are for jumbo-sized litter boxes, so they can fit almost any box you have. This makes them great for houses with large cats or multiple cats. They are durable, so they are great for people that want something that will last long and provide good performance when it comes to durability and absorption. These are great for homeowners that want to make cleaning up after their cat quick and convenient to fit in with their busy lives.


These liners are made using a thick, tear-resistant plastic that will both stop waste from sticking to the bottom of the cat’s box and will last long. They have strong absorbing abilities and reduce odors that will build up over time. This helps make sure you don’t have to replace the liners as often and saves you money on liners. They are extremely easy to use and replace, making cleaning up after your cat with ease. Buying these in a bulk package with 6 boxes helps make sure you don’t have to repeatedly order litter liners and saves you on your purchase costs.


Although litter liners are easy to use and make replacing cat litter simple, they cost more in the long run. Instead, you could regularly clean the bottom of your litter box. So, in general, litter liners are a bit of an added cost. These jumbo liners could potentially be too big for some litter boxes and may require adjustments to fit properly. Although this can be more difficult and require a little more work, it makes cleaning them more convenient.


These Jonny Cat litter box liners make cleaning super easy and simple, helping pet owners that are on-the-go. They are heavy-duty, so they absorb waste - even urine - and help contain the odors. They don’t tear and won’t leak, so your litter box will stay clean and you can dispose of them easily and hygienically. They fit almost any box because they are so big in size, so they work well for almost any litter box you need. These are great for cat owners with large cats or multiple cats that want to make sure caring for them is easy and efficient.

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