How to Change Cat Litter

You should change your cat’s litter regularly, scooping feces and clumped urine once a day at the minimum. It is probably best to do so at least twice a day, but it may be up to four depending on the habits of your cat or how many you have. You should clean and change your cat’s litter once a week, at which time you should also clean the litter box. Discard the old litter, clean the litter box, and replace it with new litter.

Changing Your Cat’s Litter

As adorable as your kitty is, it’s poop isn’t. Changing cat litter is one of the worst parts of being a pet parent, but it’s something that you just have to do. First, no one wants to live in a stinky home, and you’ll definitely want to get rid of the odor your cat litter leaves behind.

Secondly, if the odor is bothering you, it’s most likely bothering your cat as well. Over time, your cat can get sick if left in their own waste without a place to go number one and two. You’ll need to make sure you fully clean the litter box once a week, removing the old litter, cleaning the litter box, and then putting in new litter. You’ll also want to make sure you scoop the litter box at minimum once a day.

This will help make sure your cat stays healthy and doesn't get sick, which can be dangerous. If left long enough, your cat litter can even have the potential to make you and your family sick as well. In some cases, people can get sick from feces and urine in the air, and maintaining a clean cat litter box is always good sense for both smell and safety.

Cat Litter Liner

A litter liner covers the inside of the litter box so you can easily and quickly remove it and dispose of the litter. These are most commonly sold as disposable products that can be replaced relatively regularly. The litter liner allows you to clean up the litter quickly and simply, much like a bag. This helps make sure you don’t come into contact, making it a cleaner and more hygienic experience.

Some cats dislike the liner, and may avoid their litter box or even try to shred the liner. If you give it a try and give them time to adjust, many cats are fine with it. It really depends on your pet, so try what works for you!

If you want a liner, consider using either Pureness Large Drawstring Valu-Pak Cat Pan Liners, 20 Count or Cat’s Pride 15-Count Litter Box Liners. Our suggested pick is the Jonny Cat Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners, Jumbo, 5 Liners-Box which also comes in a bigger size: Jonny Cat Cat Litter Box Liners 5 / Box (Pack of 6).

Using Litter Mats

Although litter mats don’t help you actually clean up the litter, they can make the experience and entire area much more clean. They help collect all of the mess that falls down when your cat uses it, leaves it, and when you clean it.

By placing the mat under your litter box and having it extend larger than the box, you’ll be sure to catch all of the waste and litter that falls around the box.

Our suggested picks for great litter mats would be the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat - XL Super Size - Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mat, PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat - Large (35 x 24 inches), or Smiling Paws Extra Large Cat Litter Mat with 9TM Scatter Control.

Maintaining Your Cat’s Litter

Not only do you want to scoop daily and change weekly; you also want to maintain your cat’s litter level so it stays clean and smells good. As you scoop clumps and feces from the litter, the level of litter in the litter box will go down. If you add litter to your box to maintain a proper level of litter, it will smell fresher and last longer. We’d suggest doing this a couple times a week depending on how many cats you have.

Safety & Hygiene

When cleaning the litter box, remember that cat feces and urine can be dangerous to the person doing so. It is waste, and if you have it in contact with a cut or inhale it, cat litter or waste can potentially cause an infection or illness. It is important to always be cautious. You may want to handle it with rubber gloves or a mask.

If pregnant, it is a good idea to avoid changing cat litter all together.

Basics of Changing Cat Litter

When changing cat litter, the best thing to remember is the basic timeline. Scoop at least once a day and clean at least once a week. Make sure that you do a full weekly clean, disposing of old litter, cleaning the box, and then putting in new litter. Maintain a good litter level to keep it smelling relatively fresh and to ensure your cat doesn’t get sick. If you stick to these basics you should have no problem changing your cat’s litter.

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