How to Get Convenience with ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

This ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box will clean itself with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling for weeks. This system uses premium blue crystals which absorb and dehydrate urine and feces to instantly remove odors. The rake automatically scoops away your cat’s waste into a covered compartment, locking away solid waste and odors so you don’t have to touch or see them. This product uses a completely disposable leak-proof tray to allow for quick and hygienic cleanup, making this one of the most convenient products for pet owners.

Why Scoop Up the ScoopFree?

The ScoopFree litter box is for cat owners who are fed up with clumping systems that work improperly, and dislike scooping litter on a regular basis. The mechanical functions and rake consistently work properly and stay clean, while other similar products tend to have a buildup of waste which can cause the product to work improperly or cause an odor. By automating a lot of the process that come with owning a cat, anyone with busy schedules - or an aversion to cat feces and urine - can avoid scooping litter. This makes it a convenient self cleaning litter box that allows you to work a little less on taking care of your cat’s litter, and more on cuddling your kitty!

The crystal based litter cuts down significantly on dust, helping both pets and owners with their level of comfort. The litter box waits 20 minutes after your cat leaves before cleaning, giving feces time to dry out. It is then raked into a storage container with odor removing litter, helping to contain and eliminate the smell. The trays can be removed easily and with no contact to urine or feces, making this an extremely sanitary and easy job for owners. This makes the ScoopFree one of the most reliable, sanitary, and convenient devices on the market for cat litter.

Convenience at a Cost

While this product is extremely convenient, there are downsides. Replacement trays are costly, and do not always last the entire month as indicated. These trays are also not easy to switch, but are still much easier than the hassle of constantly scooping and replacing litters. Other concerns of this cleaner include:

Noise Factor

As it is a mechanical unit, the rake does emit noise. However, this noise seems to be reasonably tolerable considering the action it takes. If you keep this in a room where you cannot hear it often, there should be no noise problem. This is also an unfortunate cost related to the convenience of not having to scoop the litter yourself. However, you have the convenience of not needing to clean your cat’s litter box each day. As there is a period of time before the litter box works, your kitty will also not be frightened by the noise levels.

Unwanted Odors

The rake waits 20 minutes before scooping, which means feces sits there for 20 minutes, and can cause odors. As the crystals are designed to absorb moisture, if you keep this unit in an area that becomes regularly moist, the crystals may absorb this. Although this causes no potential harm to the unit or your pet, this could reduce the cost-effectiveness and longevity of the product. Ensuring that the unit is in a dry area should combat this. The crystals are not a clumping litter and therefore do not allow for urine to be cleaned up nearly as easily as non-crystal litters.

Extra Trays

Tray refills are more expensive than one would prefer. Therefore, this is for the pet owner that is looking for convenience over price. This is most suited for owners who have one or two cats, but more cats will make the automation less effective and will require more work from the owner. For multi-cat homes, it’s probably best to stick to a clumping litter. However, if you have a single cat home, this ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box will be more convenient and save you time, energy, and smells.

Owner’s Paradise

Overall, the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box offers convenience and sanitation for owners, making cat ownership a breeze! While this product doesn’t offer the clumping and odor fighting abilities of some other litters, the ease of use and clean up makes this an extremely convenient way to take care of your cats. This product will make any cat owner’s experience easier and more enjoyable!

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