Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat – XL Super Size – Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats

If you’re having trouble with cat litter and waste getting outside and sitting around the box, a cat litter mat may fix your problems. This is a great way to help catch litter and waste around the litter box and stop it from spreading throughout your home. This helps keep your home clean and fresh without you needing to make any effort!


This cat litter mat covers large areas and is even suited for larger litter boxes. It is ultra soft for your cat’s comfort, durable so it will last long, and efficient at trapping litter. It is made of thick material so that it won’t tear or rip either. It is made from water-resistant material that makes it easy to clean by simply shaking or vacuuming.

Who It’s For

This mat is for any regular cat owner that is wanting to try to keep their house cleaner and limit tracking throughout the home. As a large mat, it’s ideally suited for larger litter boxes or for someone who wants to give their cat a lot of space to brush off.


It is made from a thick material so that it will stand up to the toughest wear and tear from your cat. The large size allows it to work for larger litter boxes and makes sure to catch all tracking that comes outside of the box. The grooves in the mat help make sure it catches litter off your cat’s paws and keeps it from being tracked through the house. It is easy to clean by simply shaking or vacuuming it. If you really need to you can rinse it or even run it through the wash.


Although the plastic is designed to be cleaned easily, the mat itself is not always easy to get fully clean. The material on top does not always come clean without scrubbing and will potentially need more effort than suggested to clean it well. Some people have also said that the mat is not as water resistant as it should be, failing to absorb all of the waste.


This is a popular product on Amazon with solid reviews. The large mat is ideal for homes with large or multiple cats to make sure the litter box area is kept clean. It also makes sure that the contents of the litter box do not get tracked throughout your home. It’s easy to keep clean and manage, so it’s a great buy for any cat-friendly home. With a 100% quality guarantee there is nothing to lose!

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