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Is Cat Litter Flushable?

Clay cat litter is not flushable. Most traditional cat litters that are clumping are made from bentonite clay. The clumping function makes a hard compound that bonds very much like cement. Flushing traditional clay cat litter could clog your pipes and cause problems with your septic system. There are cat litter’s that are flushable, but…
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How to Change Cat Litter

You should change your cat’s litter regularly, scooping feces and clumped urine once a day at the minimum. It is probably best to do so at least twice a day, but it may be up to four depending on the habits of your cat or how many you have. You should clean and change your…
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Is Cat Litter Toxic?

Some cat litters are toxic while others are not, so it ultimately depends on the type of litter you get. You will want to check your cat litter for ingredients that could be potentially toxic. Many litters do have toxic ingredients which can be harmful to both you and your pets, and you should always…
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