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Is Cat Litter Toxic?

Some cat litters are toxic while others are not, so it ultimately depends on the type of litter you get. You will want to check your cat litter for ingredients that could be potentially toxic. Many litters do have toxic ingredients which can be harmful to both you and your pets, and you should always…
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How To Find The Best Cat Litter 2016

When buying litter for your house, there are some considerations you need to make. How much odor will the product block or produce? Is it environmentally-friendly? While these are important questions, the final decision needs to come down to how much dust the litter produces. To understand why this is so important, we’re going to…
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The Best Cat Litter For Odor Reviews: Top Guide For 2016 & 2017

All cat owners know how adorable those little fur balls can be. Despite the annoyance of scooping smelly litter, we know it’s better than picking up dog poop with a plastic bag! Cleaning up is only one reason you should consider buying odor eliminating cat litter. But what is the best cat litter for odor…
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