Is Cat Litter Flushable?

Clay cat litter is not flushable. Most traditional cat litters that are clumping are made from bentonite clay. The clumping function makes a hard compound that bonds very much like cement. Flushing traditional clay cat litter could clog your pipes and cause problems with your septic system.

There are cat litter’s that are flushable, but they must be biodegradable in order to do so. Because you are flushing them down the drain, there are potential dangers around doing this. You should always make sure that the kind of cat litter you have is safe to be flushed and that it is biodegradable. Otherwise, it may pose a danger to the environment and people.

Environmental Impact

While it may not seem like your kitty produces that much waste, cat litter contributes a lot to landfills and environmental waste. It will not biodegrade and will also leave an awful odor. Biodegradable cat litters, on the other hand, are designed to decompose, removing waste, smell, and a long term environmental impact.

Any flushable cat litter you get will be biodegradable, and will be able to easily flush down the toilet, saving you time and effort! This makes cleaning up after your kitty very easy and manageable.

Benefits of Flushable Cat litter

1. Convenience

The main advantage to flushable cat litter is that you are able to easily, simply, and conveniently flush it down the toilet. This requires little effort, less transport, and less time with your kitty’s feces. Win-win-win!

Even composting it makes it easier for you to get rid of, since you can take it outside at any time and add it to the compost. You don’t have to put in the garbage (even out in the garage). This means you can keep the smell away!

2. Smell!

The best thing about this convenience of being able to flush and compost it is that you immediately get rid of it. You don’t have to keep it in the garbage in your house or the garage, and can immediately dispose of it outside. This will help keep the smell out and your home smelling fresh and clean!

There are a number of flushable cat litter options, you just have to make sure you check the label. We suggest Better Way Flushable Cat Litter, 12 Pound bag or Garfield Cat Litter, Flushable, Instant Clumping, Natural, 5 lbs since they both quickly form clumps that make it convenient to remove both feces and urine. If you love it and want to buy in bulk, you can get a larger size with Garfield Cat Litter, Flushable, Instant Clumping, Natural, 15 lbs.

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