Big Cat Bonanza with Favorite Jumbo Enclosed Litter Box

Are you set on your manual litter box, but struggle to find enough space and comfort for your big cat?

Favorite’s Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box is an enclosed litter pan that provides pets with privacy, while holding the cat litter and odor inside well. The premium thick plastic material is lightweight and durable, ensuring longevity, and the two pieces are clamped together to keep the lid shut. As a very large litter box, this space is ideal for large or multi-cat households.

The large entry way also makes it convenient for your furry friends to go in and out. With the transparent lid, you can be attentive, know when your kitty has gone (and when you need to scoop), and helps with your cat’s overall comfort. Since the top removes easily from the base, taking it down and putting it together are easy and fast, allowing you to clean simply and quickly. This also helps with easy transport and storage!

Regular Duty for Big Cat

As a large size litter box, the Favorite Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box is a great investment for both single or multi-cat households, and is ideally designed for larger cats. However, at this price point and with these features, this product would serve the needs of almost any cat owner, providing space and necessary security against scatter and tracking.

This is for an owner who doesn’t mind doing some of the upkeep and would rather do most things manually than fork out cash for an automated litter box.Favorite’s Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box is competitively priced with other similar products. This product is available for purchase in store or through Amazon.

All the Basics in a Big Package

The large size of the Favorite Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box, including the large and easy entry, makes it both spacious and comfortable for cats of all sizes and shapes! Designed for large and multi-cat homes, it provides a palace for a kitty and a good sized home for the largest of cats. The clear cover allows pets to feel less enclosed, adding to their comfort. It also makes monitoring your cat’s trips to the litter box more manageable and simple.

Big Cat Bonanza with Favorite Jumbo Litter Box - Our FavoriteThe full enclosure ensures that scattered litter is kept inside the box, preventing it from being flung around your home. The use of sturdy, non-stick plastic and a rounded base ensures that you are no longer digging to get waste out of corners! Instead, remove the top and easily clean out the pan. Reduced scratching also means that odors don’t seep into the pan and cause odors.Since it consists of two large pieces, there may be some leak through the seams where the enclosure lid meets the base.

However, this should only occur if the cat urinates higher than the base part, and on a portion of the lid. There is no handle for lifting, although this may not be practical given how heavy it is when full. This also means that the litter box needs to be emptied to be cleaned properly. Although the plastic is non-stick and scratch resistant, it is not as durable as some other products. Some of the plastic edges can be sharper and may impact your cat’s comfort.

Big on Basics

The Favorite Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box is a all around well-performing base model litter box, without all the bells and whistles of expensive, automated litter boxes. This unit will provide you with everything you find necessary for kitty care, including easy clean surfaces and scratch resistant materials, a transparent cover, and ample space and height for large or multiple cat households. The Favorite Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box comes in two easy parts which make cleaning, carrying, and storage simple and convenient.

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