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7 Tips to Reduce Cat Litter Odor

Let’s be real, nobody likes the smell of cat litter. Even if it doesn’t bother us, the last thing we want as cat owners is for other people to notice our kitty’s odor in the house. It’s embarrassing for both us as owners, and them as pets! Reduce the Smell of Your Cat Litter The…
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The Best Cat Litter Alternatives

Did you know that the litter in your cat’s box is killing the environment? The carbon footprint of a normal cat litter box is huge. Clay cat litter is the single most commonly used type of kitty litter in the world today. You might have been using a branded version of this for years now.…
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The Precautions You Should Take with Cats When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, you should always be concerned about contracting toxoplasmosis from your cat. It is a common enough disorder affecting pregnant women with cats around the world. Doctors have ordered multiple women to get rid of their feline friends for the duration of their pregnancies. However, you might not need to get rid of…
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How to Train Your Dog not to Get into Cat Litter

No one likes when their dog eats feces; whether it’s their own or another pet’s. Not only is it unsanitary, but it’s extremely embarrassing when your guests catch your dog in the act. If this is a problem you experience at home, there are ways of keeping your dog out of the litter box: Understanding…
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